Shipping & Delivery

Updated: May, 4th 2021



Delivery times may be extended due to the shortage of air transport due to Covid-19, order preparation may also be impacted.

The Korean Post delivery service is TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED IN MANY COUNTRIES, due to the shortage of air transport due to Covid-19. Orders are therefore shipped by DHL EXPRESS or EMS in these countries.



  1. Preparation of orders.

Orders are generally prepared and shipped between 1 to 4 days after receipt of payment. Some of our products are printed on demand, so it takes about 1-4 days to be ready to ship. We prepare your orders with care, the package dimensions are appropriate and your items are carefully packaged to avoid any problems during transport (carriers are not gentle with small packages!).



     2. Shipping of the orders.


The Korean Post delivery service is TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED IN SOME COUNTRIES, due to the shortage of air transport due to Covid-19. Orders are therefore shipped by DHL EXPRESS or EMS in some countries.

Shipping costs include preparation and packaging costs as well as shipping costs. The preparation costs are fixed, while the shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend that you consolidate all of your items into one order.



     3. Order tracking.

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, we will send you a tracking number by email when your order is sent so that you can track your package online. In the event of a delivery problem, your direct contact is the carrier selected for delivery, Korea Post or DHL, because once the package is handed over to the carrier, we have no control anymore.

The average delivery time is around one week with DHL EXPRESS.



     4. Receipt of your package.

The delivery of your package takes place during office hours: we advise you to make sure you are present at the chosen delivery address or to have your package delivered to your place of work.



     5. Complaint.

If you find that your package arrives damaged, you can refuse it and submit a complaint to the carrier's customer service:

- Korea Post:

- DHL (you can choose the country and the language):



     6. Taxes, customs duties, and customs charges.

The price of the products on our site is displayed excluding Tax (H.T.). The payment of VAT is the responsibility of the customer. You must therefore pay VAT when the ordered products arrive in your country.



The carrier may also ask you to pay customs fees before receiving your order. These costs include the costs that you must pay to the carrier who takes care of it for you:

- the import process, by completing the import forms;

- the payment on your behalf of all duties and taxes applicable to your shipment to the customs authorities.


The amount of customs fees varies from country to country, generally around $15 (14,60 Eur for France for example) and will be added to the payment of VAT.


Example: for an order of 120 Eur (shipping costs included) sent by DHL to France:

- VAT (20%) to be paid: 120 Eur X 0.2 = 24 Eur

- Customs fees to be paid = 14.60 Eur

TOTAL to be paid to the DHL carrier = 38.60 Eur



Note: As of July 1, 2021, the VAT rules applicable to e-commerce transactions in Europe will change with the implementation of the European Directive on VAT for e-commerce. All citizens of the European Union (EU) will have to pay VAT on all their online purchases from the first Euro, including those made outside the EU. In the event of non-payment of VAT, the goods may be blocked by customs pending payment.

We are preparing our site to take these new provisions into account and make your shopping experience on our site as satisfying as possible.



If you have any questions regarding product delivery, do not hesitate to consult on the carriers pages:

- Korea Post (in English):

- DHL (available in all languages):