At Hello Melho, your satisfaction is our priority. To achieve this mission, we produce or select all our products with care and we made commitments to ensure the quality of our products.

Commitment number 1: We produce as many products as possible ourselves to ensure the quality and optimal lifespan of our products:

a) We produce our T-shirts ourselves. They are made in South Korea, in Seoul, in a workshop using top quality fabrics. We take special care in the preparation so that their lifespan is optimal and that you can enjoy them as long as possible. We print them ourselves on demand at our office in Seoul.

b) Our team of designers work hard to come up with ever cuter designs that we print on our T-shirts, phone cases, Airpods cases...

c) We print all our stationery from our partner located in Paju.

d) We print our phone cases, Airpods and Galaxy Buds cases from our partner located in Seoul.



Commitment number 2: We rigorously select the products we offer for sale to avoid any quality or counterfeit problem:

a) We purchase the products directly from the companies that manufacture them. Thus, we guarantee the origin of products and we avoid intermediaries.

b) We regularly participate in trade fairs to find the latest trends and funny items (Seoul Design Festival, Tokyo Gift Show, etc.) and to meet the companies that produce them.

c) We do not buy any product whose provenance appears questionable or which does not respect copyright rules.

At HELLO MELHO, we have a passion for funny and top quality items and we are so happy to share it with you!