“Bringing happiness into your daily life with the best Asian pop culture products” 

What is Melho?
At MELHO, we are completely and irrevocably crazy about Asian pop culture. So much so that we decided to share this obsession with other crazy fans wherever they live in the world. And “Bringing happiness into your daily lives with the best Asian pop culture products” became the MELHO’s primary mission.
KOREA, JAPAN & POP-CULTURE are our main inspirations and we strive to create the best products that make your eyes shine. If we manage to make you smile when you look at our products, it means for us that we reached our mission.
T-shirts, socks, phone cases, stationery, accessories - every single object of our daily life is a good opportunity to create happiness and share our passion for Asian pop culture with you.
What makes Melho unique?
Our designs may be fun & colorful, with a vintage touch or completely traditional, MELHO explores all aspects of Asian pop culture to create its original designs. When we start thinking about new designs, our ideas have no limit.
We are constantly developing new products at our studio in Seoul, always with the same thought in mind: quality and originality. Additionally, we carefully select funny and cute products from brands that express our values of originality and quality. We guarantee the origin of all the products we sell on our website and we guarantee them not to be fakes or copies.
Finally, MELHO FRIENDS is our very special project. We wanted to create our own characters to introduce to you in a funny way the Korean trends and lifestyle. Meet our MELHO FRIENDS characters and follow their adventures on our blog or our social media platforms @melhofriends.

At MELHO, we have a passion and we are so happy to share it with you!

You wonder how does MELHO Team looks like? Here we are!



Our Korean Illustrator is crazy for oriental art. After 13 years as a bartender, he decided to let his talent for drawing became his livelihood. He is also an old cartoon fanatic and loves retro art.



Our Korean Graphic Designer is crazy for little cute designs. All the time full of ideas, she loves drawing, especially Japanese patterns. She also enjoys traveling and taking pictures.



Our Korean-American Marketing Manager arrived in Korea 2 years ago from California. Obsessed with travel, photography, trying new and delicious food, she is also a Star Wars fanatic.



Our French Website Manager came to Korea 3 years ago to study korean. She then met her husband and never left. She is always curious about Korean culture and she wants to try all the Korean food at least once.



Our Korean-American Design Manager is the mom of our Shiba character, Yaki. Graduated from Central Saint Martins College in London, she is crazy about fashion and hand-crafted products.



Our Korean Product Development Manager is the mom of our mascot, Yongpil, the Bedlington terrier. Crazy for street fashion, trendy and funny items, she loves shopping for cute products.  



Our French Co-founder is a globetrotter. After living in England and Japan, she arrived in South Korea 6 years ago. She is the mom of our cat character, the cute Nabi. She is crazy for cute Korean emoticons and Japanese kawaii products.



Our Korean Co-founder is the second globetrotter of the company. After studying in China and England, he is back in South Korea. Crazy for Chinese food, his No. 1 bucket-list is to do a "noodle Tour" in China.