​​MELHO FRIENDS is our very special project. We wanted to create our own characters to introduce to you in a funny way the Korean trends and lifestyle. Meet our MELHO FRIENDS characters and find ou more about their own story and personality.

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Hoya (호야) is a polar bear who decided to immigrate to South Korea after losing his house made of ice in the North Pole due to global warming. In order to assimilate to Korean society, he draws a half moon on his chest daily with his pen. He does this in order to look like a Korean moon bear (반달곰, the half moon bear in Korean). He is a hard working salaryman who works at Sumsang. He is always busy and he enjoys drinking soju with his friends to relieve his stress. Even though he lacks showing any emotion and he usually has on his poker-face, he has a big heart and is very kind to his friends, especially toward Mela which he secretly loves.

MELA (멜라) is a French sloth, very curious about the world, who decided to come to South Korea to study Korean language and culture. As a sloth, she is in fact very slow and loves sleeping, sometimes all day long. In fact, she is so slow that a flower decided to grow on her head, Mela names it “Ni”. Mela needs to drink a lot of coffee in order to keep her eyes open  to study. She loves the coffee shops in Korea and, as soon as a new coffee shop opens, she wants to try it. Mela met Hoya at one of her favorite coffee shops and they became really close friends. Hoya invited her to live in his shared house to practice her Korean everyday. 

Nabi (나비) is an adorable Korean street cat who loves bungeoppang, the Korean fish-shaped pastry. When she was a little kitten living in the streets of Seoul, she was adopted by Hoya. Hoya used to feed her with bungeoppang and it is why she is so fond of them. Nabi is very extroverted and a talkative cat (like all 고양이’s). She loves traveling, meeting new people, and making new friends. She met Yaki, the Japanese dog, and P-Zon, the singing pigeon, during her trips. Nabi also enjoys shopping. When she visits a new city, she always goes shopping and brings a lot of souvenirs for her friends.

YAKI (야키) is a Japanese dog who is a foodie and particularly crazy for Korean food. He came to South Korea in order to try all Korean food. He always carries a bone with him to have something to chew on when his mouth gets bored or as Korean people say "입이 심심하면". He met Nabi during one of his food tours in South Korea and asked her to help him to try all the delicious Korean specialties. So Nabi invited him to the shared house and together, they started a quest to taste all Korean flavors.


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P-ZON (피존): P-Zon is a pigeon who loves singing and came to South Korea to become a famous K-pop singer. In his home country, Pijonland, P-Zon, from his real name P-Jon IV, is the son of King P-Jon III. One day, on a Korean TV channel, he watched a concert by a very popular K-pop band and decided to become the best K-pop singer in the world. Since his father did not approve of his dreams to become a pop star, he ran away from Pijonland. With the help of his best friend Lou, the ultra-secret insect, he came to South Korea under the secret identity: P-ZON. P-Zon met Nabi when he was singing in the streets of Seoul. Nabi decided to help him make his dream come true and invited him to live in the shared house where he spends his days singing at the window.